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11:02am 15/11/2006
  I took the cue from climaticencore ... I mean.... wheredoibegin to start a new journal. I dropped about 20 friends in the process who didn't update. If you still wanna keep up with me, leave a comment there or here and Ill add you.

my new username is paperwishes
my new username is paperwishes
my new username is paperwishes
my new username is paperwishes
my new username is paperwishes
my new username is paperwishes
my new username is paperwishes
my new username is paperwishes
my new username is paperwishes
my new username is paperwishes
my new username is paperwishes
my new username is paperwishes
my new username is paperwishes
my new username is paperwishes
my new username is paperwishes
my new username is paperwishes
my new username is paperwishes
my new username is paperwishes
my new username is paperwishes
my new username is paperwishes
my new username is paperwishes
my new username is paperwishes
my new username is paperwishes
my new username is paperwishes
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11:01pm 14/11/2006
  So, this guy has a new addiction. PC SNES emulator. Mmmm. I have already downloaded: Super Mario World, Super Mario-Kart, Super Mario RPG (SWEE-EEE-EEEET) and every single Sailor Moon SNES game that wasn't released in the US (which, btw, is all of them) I am one happy homo.

I have decided that my new goal in life is to become an LA Lakers cheerleader. Pom poms and spandex spankies, here I come.

I just got done seeing the new live-action Peter Pan that came out last Christmas. Wow. It was awesome. I like that it was a bit darker, because the fairy tale itself is a very dark one. (fag) Damn. I want to be Wendy. (/fag) It really put me in this mystical mood. Hard to explain. Very few movies have such a nice effect on my imagination anymore. It's one of those things that makes me want to wrap myself up in my imagination and fall asleep forever, never waking up.

There were so many people I was supposed to call tonight, but Im so easily side-tracked. gar. So: Jason, Anne Marie, Karl, and Miss Amy Ramaszewski... Im sorry. Tomorrow is another day.

Heidi's in my room right now and we're watching Under The Tuscan Sun. I feel bad, because I haven't really been watching it more than playing Mario RPG. I would be playing the Sailor Moon ones, but they're in Japanese, and it's taking me a bit to figure them out. I was quite pleased with myself when I was looking for the practice mode to figure out what different attacks were, and found the word "Renshyu" Mmm. I am not dumbified yet.

On Friday night Jamie, Jason, Mie and I went to the Freak Show. I FINALLY got a free t-shirt at the beginning before the movie started because I volunteered to get up and model them. It's an L though (all they have are Ls and XLs). Bah. Oh well, that's only 7 letters away from S. I can pretend. And maybe alter it <3

Hrmmm. Im having mixed feelings about the coming week. I can't help but be optimistic (as the trend with me currently is) but things could get very easily get botched up, especially around Thursday which is REGISTRATION DAY OF DOOM. Puuuu...

I haven't been on DA at all this weekend. Im only insight 8. Puu.

have I mentioned that the week of Christmas I will be in Las Vegas? Yep, my family has finally graduated to adult holidays. Gift-giving and boring Christmas Days were getting very very old. It's high time for a change. Im so excited <3

Im failling behind in my research papers for English and Design History. For English I don't even know what my topic is, and the first draft should be due shortly. For History of Design, I only have one (very weak) draft done, and the final is due Friday. I have no sources for it, either. Oh, the tragedy of it all.

Im gonna get back to cleaning my room (which I was doing, believe it or not).

For a good time call,
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02:05pm 12/11/2006
  Im sitting here doing the internet thing with Bliss and Mary in the union.

Nothing really all that major has been happening to me lately. I can't decide if I've lead this week in desperate ferver or in idle complacency. Either way it's been a fun ride. Im involved in a small shindig tonight with a bunch of people and a man named "alcohol".

Then off to the Freak Show with Jason and Jamie. I hope I hope I hope they like eachother <3 It would make my life.

I had anal lube smeared all over my face the other day by one miss Becky Guerink. It got on my lips and tongue. They were numb for an hour. I was not a happy camper in the least. I got her back last night. I was uncreative, hoever, and continued the lube-in-the-face legacy.

I have to go to the mall tongith just to get my chedule because I forgot when I work on Saturday and they won't tell me over the phone. Ugh. Communists, all of them. The lot of them.

I beat Star Ocean 3. Huzzah.


m my anme is mamy name is mary and i like to ru in the wind. my name is mary and i like to run in the wind. my name is mary and i like to run in the wind

The loverly Mary Modrell typed that just for you.
07:37pm 10/11/2006
  I now have a myspace.com account.


and there you have it. add me plz.
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06:03pm 10/11/2006
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See this Karl? This is me. This is why we can't ever adopt. Ill go crazy.

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I needed a quiz break. Byeee
10:34am 10/11/2006
  Shoot me now. I downloaded Dark Ages last nighta, and seriously contemplating diving right back in again. (only this time avoiding the drama of all my closest friends also playing) Hm. We'll see. Im gonna play out my free trial to see a) how much time I actually have to spend on that godforsaken thing and b) if it's gay.

My CD critique went vurrrrrry well. (a nice change from yesterday's illustration critique... which never goes well) Let's just say im really glad I decided to drop Illustration as my double major. I don't think id be able to deal with the feelings of inferiority and inadequacy for 5 more semesters. sad thing is that there are people in a much worse boat than I am who are toughing it out as their only major. Poor kids.

I've been thinking about being a critic. Film Critic, Food Critic, but probably Art Critic. (An education at an art institute would probably make me seem most fit for that) It would blend my artisitic knowledge (not to mention somewhat lacking skill) with my critical analysis and writing abilities.

Buuuut, on the downside, MIAD liberal studies are not real classes. They just aren't. I refuse to seem them as real. Our English classes are totally fake. I get A's on all of my essays. On my last essay I PURPOSELY cited everything in such a way that would make Diana Hacker and any other MLA-fanatic die on sight. I got an A. They don't grade on skill, mechanics, etc. They grade on intent. Intent is all well and good, but a nuclear physicist (if there is such a position) wouldn't be much good if he didn't have a perfect working knowledge of his equipment.

Point 2: One of my managers at work, Angie, is taking the exact same History of Design class that i am, only hers is at UWM. It is taught by a MIAD instructor. In my class, we only deal with modern design. In hers, they deal with design dating all the way back to the 17th century. We are currently both studying the same period. So, tell me, why does she still know more than I do? We got in a discussion about 20th century pre-modernism, and she knew exponential amounts more than I did. It was one of the most humiliating moments of my life. Im getting an A in that class, but at a University I think that the A would only be worth about a C. Ugh. Aggrivating.

Oh fiddlesticks. Im gonna go eat lunch.
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I just had to.   
03:02pm 09/11/2006

I re-arranged my room for the 4th time this year. This shit is hella tight.
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06:52pm 08/11/2006
  First of all, you all need to see this: http://objective.jesussave.us/kidz.html

My personal favorite points of interest include: Habu's Corner, Spiritual Safety Tip, and Hopsiah the Kanga-Jew.

Well, i skipped Typography today, but im glad I did because I got some major work done on my illustration project. I worked straight through from noon-six. I relish the feeling of accomplishment that comes from actually managing time efficiently. The project is two portraits: the typical MIAD students. one boy and one girl. My girl is hunched over her laptop with a glazed look in her eyes with random art supplies strewn about. The boy is my pride and joy though. He's jamming out with his ipod taking pictures of himself in a bathroom mirror, wearing a tight band t-shirt and supa-tight jeans. harhar, eat that emorica! (emo + america... harharhar i = so clever)

We got registration materials for next semester. Im looking at a minimum of a8 credits and a max of 21. 21 would be pushing it, but with a better layout of the classes (ie, not 8am every morning till 7-10pm every night with huge gaps inbetween, like this semester) I might be fine. besides, the one extra class would be a clothing class at Marquette (aside from the two im already planning on taking, Advertising Principles and Media Writing) Aside from those three classes Im taking CDII, Type II, CS II, and Intro to Biology (required >.<)

So far things are fine with my schedule, aside from having to book it from Advertising on the Marquette campus that gets out at 12:15 to get to Typography on the MIAD campus at 12:30. uuugh. That could prove troublesome.

Im figuring out my schedule tonight so I can be up at 5am next Thursday to be first in line for registration. *points to last spring's lamentable registration entry* We don't want a repeat <3

Ugh. I don't want to be in Computer Studio right now.

Guess who's considering the study abroad semester in Florence, Italy? This guy. The motivator for me is that the two teachers going are Comm. Design and Illustration. If they were under any other major i wouldn't even consider it. i just think it would be an excellent experience to be there under teachers of the only influences Im interested in at this god forsaken school.

My plans for tonight involve drawing and sleeping. Oh what a wonderful life it is.

Im in such a better mood as compared to last week. I don't know what came over me then.
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08:47am 08/11/2006
  While driving back into the city last night, my mom and I could see the Northern Lights over the city. It was gorgeous. No one believed me when I got back. They all said we were too far south. Oh poop.  
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12:48am 08/11/2006
  Halo-WEEN PicturesCollapse )  
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11:27pm 07/11/2006
  Quiz time.

So what do you do when you realize the people you thought were so amazing-- so beautiful... are sorta lame?

You do what Chris does. Sit back with a smug smile of self-satisfaction and revel in the glory.
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12:13pm 06/11/2006
  If I could say one thing to m suitemate before I die it would be this,


I need to shower <3

Sorry I haven't been up with the datin' and all. (that's a play on the word "updating" for ya'll) LJ has lost it's sparkle for the time being. Ill probably get way into this again over the break of X-mas.

I had a work meeting at 7. Eeeew. Afterwards, Jenny, Laura, Meghan and I went to Bakers Square for some hardxcore FSP. Angie was thoroughly envious.

Our store manager is the biggest hick in the world. It makes me so mad.

Tongiht Im hanging out with one Mr. Jason Cortese. Possibly Nora Pilak. She thinks she's going to the FHS cast party though. Im kinda weird about that. For her I understand because she was so close with the entire drama department... but I don't think that's keen for me. Maybe we'll do something afterwards.

Faretheewell. Time to work.
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02:01am 04/11/2006
  I whiped my nose on my hand about 10 minutes ago and forgot about it. Now it's all crusty. Eeeewww.  
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04:53pm 03/11/2006
  ha- for once im stumped.

i dunno what's going on. im glorifying my high school years in a torrent of nostalgia and seeing what i have right here and right now for only the negative. hm. i just need to suck it up and stop my bitching. but it's that sort of thinking that's making me feel even more incompetant and self-serving. or i could just wait all of this melancholy out. i always get depressed around this time for no reason. it's like engrained in my biological clock. the only things that seem 'familiar' to me anymore are video games. how sad. bah.

oh buttons. i don't have gumption for much of anything anymore.
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11:07am 02/11/2006
  thespexappeal: do people ever just make you feel like the biggest social reject ever?
Shcherbatskaya: no
Shcherbatskaya: i make them feel that way... at least here at any rate
Shcherbatskaya: but anyways...
thespexappeal: oh.
Shcherbatskaya: why do you feel like a reject?
thespexappeal: just cuz
Shcherbatskaya: do you walk around in a cape thinking you are an elf when in reality you are short and ugly and weight 285 lbs?
Shcherbatskaya: cause i know 3 people who do that...
thespexappeal: no
thespexappeal: lol
thespexappeal: that's not me
thespexappeal: omg
thespexappeal: lauren
thespexappeal: thank you
thespexappeal: that helps
thespexappeal: i have a bit of perspective now
Shcherbatskaya: if you ever need to feel less retarded... talk me me

harhar. Lauren Robb alyways knows just what to say.

In other news... Dear Election, please be over! Im sick of you! Love, Chris.

I didn't vote. WHAT.
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09:12am 01/11/2006
  Okay, just a short update.

I had a very fun Halloween weekend. It was a harmonious blend of parties, work, and shopping. Of course I dressed up (for the first time in 4 years). Ill post pics as soon as i can run back to the dorms and get my digi cam to hook up here.

Thursday night was the MIAD party. A bunch of us karaoke'd "wannabe". Only, it was a super long super retarded remix so we didn't know the words. I got a lot of compliments on my costume, but I didn't even come close to being anywhere near winning the costume contest. it was quite a pathetic display on my part.

Friday I had my all-day field trip to Chicago. It was the day from hell. Humid, walking everywhere downtown, getting threatend by a homeless man, 3 hours of sleep. Uuugh. Got back and was supposed to go to a party with Sabrina, but I hadn't the gumption. So I spent the night leveling up on Star Ocean 3. (best game evar, btb)

Saturday i worked all day, then went to josh's party with Michelle, Heidi, and Mie. Gayest party ever. ie: homosexual. It was like one giant drag show. awesooooome. left semi-early at midnight because we were gonna go see rocky horror with karl, amy, and maria. that got botched though. had to wait 40 minutes in the cold wind for a bus. i was in a toga. not good times.

got back at 1 and watched dawn of the dead. went to bed thoroughly creeped out.

worked all day sunday did homework then hung out a bit.

sorry this entry was mundane, i have to skeedaddle back to class.

>love and foozeball,
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07:11pm 25/10/2006
  ----> because im chocoboco's bitch...

Which STD will you contract and how? by chocoboco
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well, now that that's out of the way. poll of the week: should i completely ditch work on saturday to go to madison? i like wouldn't even call in sick or anything. ill just be like 'OMGZ I LYKE HAD TO WERK!? NO WAYZ!11!! I FEEL SOOOOO BAD!!!eleven!" yes, i think that would do quite nicely. ive never pulled a no-call no-show before, and they love me, so if i act super apologetic and offer to be their slave for like... a millenia... i should pull through with only minimal express-induced injuries. i ended up deciding to go to madison because a) bunny's party is canceled. b) josh's party is looking to be huge and, well, the only person i would know would be josh. i could bring someone, but any of the girls that i would bring would be in madison, so that would just leave boys. josh is sorta kinda wanting to date me, so i think it would heinously tactless to bring a boy. hence, i don't go at all. don't question my logic. and everyone everyone everyone is going. if i don't, ill have

god, computer studio is the bane to my existence. no, i am not being dramatic. this class is like "photoshop for people who have absolutely no business using photoshop". Seriously. 'Where's the dodge tool?" "What's greyscale?" "Is 700 dpi okay?". im sorry for being a photoshop elitist, but i can't believe im wasting my time in this class. strike that. reverse. i can't believe that im REQUIRED to waste my time in this class in order to fufill my major requirements. im just bitter right now.

why? because my 4.0 dreams and A+ KURISUKUN!!!!! fantasies are gone. the only class I can assure that Im getting an A in is my History of Modern Design class. The only non-A I've gotten in that class was a B+ on our last test, though, i got an A on the corresponding paper, so that probably evens out to like an A- anyway.

everything else though is sitting in MAYBE A, B, and dare i say C territory. i even got a D for a process grade in my CD class. the project was 4 page layouts. i got B+s on each of the four layouts, but then a D for my process grade because I didn't have enough variety in my subject matter. (3 were people, one was of vegetables). ugh. im probably getting a C in the class

English is debatable between an A and a B (I got a D on a test i didn't read the material for, everything else is am A)

Typography is going to be a B

Computer Studio, well, better be an A. I don't think I got an A on my label project, though. Probably a B. So maybe Im getting a B in the class?

Illustration cannot possibly be an A. id say mid-low B.

anyway, that was my obligatory once-a-semester GPA rant. sorry you all had to witness that. i feel thoroughly confident in my current typography project though.

friend a is throwing a suprise birthday party for friend b. it's going to be a petting zoo theme. anyone who comes dressed up like an animal and who will let people pet them will get free unlimited alcohol. im going as a llama. mlyaaaaangh. i better get my llama shoes ready.

it was strange; for the first time ever in our friendship, ben and i had a conversation where we indirectly acknowledged the fact that we were gay. like, we talked about boys. sort of. just sort of a 'who's been with who' talk. but that's really gay. our normal conversations involve us talking about video games or making fun of aleks. this week is full of milestones galore, i suppose.

jesus god, i really hate aleks.

i have two tickets for the milwaukee independent film festival gala on saturday night. that's almost enough to make me want to stay in milwaukee, and it would be a perfect date i think, but id feel too uncomfortable asking anyone. im keen on the idea of going to a party dressed up as a llama, but asking a boy out on a date is too embarassing for me. can someone plz explain to me how someone who is so logical can be so... illogical? it just doesn't seem befitting.

I better call Patrick to see if he's up for rooming me this weekend. he should be. damned ingrate didn't get me anything for my birthday.

im in a weird mood. just lettin ya'll know in the unlikely event that this entry hasn't already evidenced that. i have this feeling like things are going to change really soon. i hope they do; i can't take these solemnly hopeful, scathingly grey days much longer.

there's this constant pressure in the pit of my stomach, the kind that really isn't a physical sensation more than an emotional one. it feels like someone is gently squeezing at my throat and chest, down through my abdomen; not hard, but dull and relentless, like these days that are weeks that are months, just enough for me to know that they are there, have happened, are happening, but no definition to them.

no amount of feverant room rearranging can admonish the winds of monotony for long.
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03:53am 24/10/2006
  i went to two parties last night and tonight. they were my first real parties. god, im sheltered. i got drunk last night and tipsy tonight. im not really ashamed. i remember everything, didn't embarass myself, didn't get sick or hungover. i just had a great time with a bunch of people who were suprised to actually see me at a bona fied party.

tonight at joan and ben's party i became enamoured with a boy (whose gay for once). when i shook his hand before i left he held it extra long and i think my heart melted a little bit. i doubt ill ever see him again, though. he's a good friend of meagan's, and meagan and i rarely find ourselves in the same social settings. it's unfortunate for a few reasons.

i also finished my halloween costume. it's sweet. im an angel. my wings are huge and feathery. they're 3 feet by 3 feet, a nice wing size. i have a golden toga and golden sandals that lace up to my knees. im thinking im going to have to ditch the madison idea for next weekend, and just come some different time. le tear. i love my dianey...

okay, im going to sleep. it was definitely one of the most excellent weekends in my brief, yet savorable history. tomorrow should be delicious. it's a free day. no work, no obligations, just me and my own business.

goodnight, sweet world
may flights of angels
sing thee to thy rest
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11:56pm 21/10/2006
  lmao, thank you bang_sha_bang

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06:39pm 21/10/2006
  My mind has regressed back to a child-like state because of this. I shall be incapacitated due to overload of the senses for the next week. Please leave me a message and Ill get back to you as shortly as I can.


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